Our Mental Health & Suicide Support Services

QPR Certification – Suicide Counseling Services – Mental Health First Aid

Virtual Support Groups

We know that these are unprecedented times so to better serve you, Pikes Peak Suicide Prevention has created virtual support groups. All of our regular groups have Zoom meetings associated with them. Please visit the home page for more information.

Suicide Support Services

If you are someone you know is struggling and needs on-going support, PPSPP offers a spectrum of support like suicide counseling services, QPR Certification, Mental Health First Aid Training, & multiple support groups.

Community Resource Liaison Desk

A friendly volunteer will discuss your needs, help you identify the community resources that are most appropriate for you, help make your first appointments and follow up with you to help ensure things are going smoothly.

Peer Support Groups - Jeffrey & Graham Support Services

Sometimes you just need a little bit of support and understanding. Learn more about Jeffery & Graham Support Services.

Suicide Prevention Connection

Adult peer support group designed to support individuals whose lives have been impacted by suicide. Participants of this group have felt suicidal, struggle with suicidal ideation, have a loved one who struggles with suicidal ideation or they have lost someone to suicide. This mixed perspective helps to look at the issue of suicide from all sides and emphasizes that one of the most effective interventions is human connection.

Children Left Behind Grief Groups

This group splits into two by age, with an elementary aged group and a middle school to high school group. This peer support group is specifically to deal with the tragic issue of losing a loved one to suicide.

Teen Talk

Sometimes being a teen is hard. Topics such as anxiety, depression, grief, self-harm, and other related issues are not easy to talk about just anywhere. Teen Talk gives teens a chance to process through these kinds of issues with one another in a safe and supportive environment.

Coping Skill Development Groups

Individuals dealing with chronic mental health issues and/or suicidal ideation often find themselves looking for additional tools to help them cope. PPSPP is constantly working with community partners and mental health professionals to provide groups and classes that are helpful to individuals struggling with these issues.

Draw It Out

Using art as a coping tool is found to be especially helpful for individuals who struggle with self-harm or chronic depression and anxiety. This is a youth peer support group facilitated by local artists who volunteer their time to help participants use art as a healthy alternative to other more destructive coping mechanisms.

CBT for Suicide Prevention

Adult Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Group


Our Susan Golden Counseling Program & Individual Therapy

PPSPP is in the unique position to offer free individual therapy provided by our master’s level interns hosted by our team of clinical supervisors. Access to care is a known risk factor for suicide and PPSPP is committed to increasing accessibility to the important care that people need; especially when they are at risk for suicide.

10 Free Sessions

PPSPP maintains a wait list of individuals who have no insurance or who are under-insured. You can be on the list over and over again as you need to. Once you have exhausted 10 sessions you are placed back on the list to allow for the next person to access services and you will be called once your name is back to the top of the list. PPSPP also maintains relationships with several local providers who provide pro bono services for PPSPP referred clients for PPSPP who have exhausted their 10 sessions but continue to need services. Additionally, PPSPP has the ability to refer youth clients to access The Second Wind Fund.

5 Suicide Survivor Sessions

Losing someone to suicide is devastating. Individuals who have been recently impacted by suicide are eligible for 5 free sessions regardless of their ability to pay or if they have insurance or not.

3 Stop-Gap Sessions

If you have medical insurance, but you are struggling to get in with your provider and need to see someone in the interim, PPSPP will give you 3 free sessions to help provide you with the support you need while you wait.

Postvention Support Services

Post-vention is defined as the supports put in place directly following a suicide to the individuals and community directly impacted by the tragic loss.

Postvention Consultation

PPSPP helps local schools, employers and other organizations identify and implement a postvention support plans.

Crisis Response Team

PPSPP staff and volunteers can provide additional support to groups/individuals impacted by a loss to suicide.

Mobile Peer Support Groups

in addition to the groups offered at our center, PPSPP can bring a peer support group to your location in order to process through a recent loss.


In order to address a problem, it must first be agreed upon that a problem exists. While some believe that that harrowing suicide statistics for the state of  Colorado speak for themselves; that is just not true. Suicide is an issue that is directly linked to mental health. Both topics are often avoided. PPSPP is committed to raise awareness in the name of suicide prevention and saving lives. We do this by setting up resource tables or dropping resources packages off to local schools, employers, churches, and gun shops. We facilitate panel discussions, often hosted by our Teen Advocacy Board , in order to engage members of our community in discussions regarding suicide and issues related to suicide. Additionally, we also engage in Suicide Prevention Presentations to local organizations in order to provide important suicide prevention information.



Suicide can be prevented by increasing the amount of people who know how to recognize that someone may be at risk for suicide and know how to best respond. PPSPP offers a variety of trainings like QPR Certification Training & Mental Health First Aid with the objective of reducing the stigma of talking about mental health issues out loud, increase understanding about suicidal behavior, and arming as many community members as possible with the tools needed to support someone who may be considering suicide.

  • QPR CertificationQuestion, Persuade, Refer: By learning QPR, you will come to recognize the warning signs, clues, and suicidal communications of people at risk, and gain skills to act appropriately to help prevent a death by suicide.
  • Mental Health First Aid: A national program to teach skills to respond to the signs of mental illness and substance abuse.
  • Perfectly Imperfect: Support Rooted in Love: This is a training for parents or care givers of a young person with chronic mental health struggles. This training helps to identify the emotions that are impacting both the care giver and the young person and provides tools that help to create a relational approach to supporting the young person. Additionally, this training discusses common issues that become roadblocks when attempting to navigate community resources.