Awareness Presentations

Awareness Presentations

Pikes Peak Suicide Prevention Partnership offers a variety of awareness presentations.

What's on Your Mind?

Through a collaboration with Diversus Health and NAMI (National Alliance for Mental Illness), we have created a partner presentation for students ranging from 6th – 12th grade called What’s On Your Mind? This presentation is geared towards our youth to discuss what stress/mental illness/thoughts of suicide looks like, and the resources that are available for them and their peers.

What I Wish You Knew

Why: This event will provide a safe space for an open discussion to address hard issues such as suicide, relationships, and social media.

Adults - Do you ask yourself what can you do to have a better relationship with your child? Do you wonder what is going on in your teenager's mind?  

Teenagers - Would you like to know how you can relate to one another? How to become a support system for your peers?

What: The Teen Board will present to two separate groups - one for adults and one for teenagers.

Adults group - Teen panel  will share personal stories, and create a dialogue for adults to ask them about anything in order to better understand their own teen.

Teen group - Teen panel will share personal stories, and create a dialogue for them to ask questions that they don't feel comfortable asking an adult.

To finalize the night, the groups will come together to open communication between adults and the youth.

Topics: Emotional support, mental health, loss, self injury, bullying, stress and expectations, verbal and emotional abuse, suicide, drugs and alcohol, social media, generational differences.

Spray The Love

A Community Art Project

Spray the Love is teaming up with Pikes Peak Suicide Prevention Partnership thanks to our shared mission of creating community and spreading love, whether its love for others, love for activities, or love for yourself. Our family uses art as a healthy outlet for our mental health, but there are many other outlets that exist and PPSPP creates a beautiful environment for sharing them. As a combined team we want to focus on creating a community that emphasizes the importance of mental health far before a tragedy occurs and embraces the things that bring each individual joy. Together, our two organizations hope to increase protective factors amongst local youth and empower them to share their stories of connection and hope.

Haven's Helpers

This is a presentation geared towards our younger kids, that will teach them coping mechanisms and what to do when things get hard.

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