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Free Mental Health Services – Suicide Counseling – Therapy for Suicidal Ideation

The Susan Golding Counseling Program is a tribute to one of the founders of Pikes Peak Suicide Prevention Partnership. Susan Golding was instrumental in creating PPSPP back in 1993 and the Susan Golding Counseling program was created to honor her work. This program provides free individual counseling to individuals who are under-insured or have no insurance, people whose lives have been impacted by suicide or anyone who is between providers and needs short-term help. PPSPP is an organization specifically created to reduce deaths by suicide in our community.

Suicide prevention is most effectively done by reducing risk factors and increasing protective factors. The Susan Golding Counseling program increases access to care, a known risk factor for suicide. To access free individual counseling an initial intake appointment is made to allow PPSPP to get all the necessary information to provide effective services and pair him or her with a provider.

Individual therapy for suicidal ideation and counseling for suicidal persons at PPSPP is provided at no charge by our in-house Master Level Therapist and Master Level Interns from university programs across Colorado. These interns are supported and supervised by a licensed clinical social worker. PPSPP maintains a waitlist for this service. After the number of allotted sessions are completed, the program participant is placed back on the waitlist until his/her name comes back to the top of the list. PPSPP will refer to preferred community providers as appropriate and works with community partners to secure pro bono services on a case by case basis.

Types of Individual Therapy Available:
  • 10 Free individual therapy sessions
  • 5 Suicide Loss Survivor Sessions
  • 3 Stop-Gap Sessions
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