Devin Scott Youth Fund

What is the Devin Scott Youth Fund?

The Devin Scott Youth Fund has been created by the generosity of Skate City. This fund has been designed to help save youth lives by increasing protective factors against suicide. Whether a youth needs help with co-pays for mental health services or medications, help with expenses to access a recreational activity, or funds to purchase an item(s) that serve as a protective factor, the Devin Scott Youth Fund is here to help.

Who is Devin Scott?

Devin Scott was a local youth who went to school in Colorado Springs and worked at Skate City. He lived his life showing care and compassion to others. He was a loving son, brother, and friend. Devin is remembered for always taking the time to show kindness to others. He always had an encouraging word or a hug when he saw a friend or fellow student in need, even if he didn’t know them! This is the part of Devin’s story that needs to be shared. In the days leading up to Devin’s suicide, one can believe that it is possible that a single act of kindness or compassion could have made all the difference. At PPSPP, our motto is, “It Starts with Me,” and Devin demonstrated this during his life. That is why he is being honored and remembered through this fund. Remembering Devin helps us to remember that a small act of kindness from one person can have a huge impact, and maybe even save a life.

How do I apply?

Any youth ages 6-17, who is believed to be at risk of suicide, is eligible to apply. An application must be completed, and the youth must meet with a PPSPP team member for a service assessment. The service being accessed must be known to help reduce suicide risk and/or increase protective factors that help to guard against death by suicide. The applicant must be able to demonstrate a financial need and cannot live in a household that earns more than $80K per year. The applicant cannot have received previous financial assistance from the Devin Scott Youth Fund within the same calendar year equaling or greater than $3000. Adults in the household will be asked to supply financial documents to complete screening to determine if funding may be awarded. Funds are paid directly to the vendor for the service or item that is being paid for. Funds are never given directly to the beneficiary.

Devin Scott Youth Fund Application