Teen Advocacy Board

The mission of the Pikes Peak Suicide Prevention’s Teen Advocacy Board is to address adolescent suicide prevention through community and school outreach projects that encourage healthy coping mechanisms and promote awareness of teen suicide.

This is the perfect place for a teen looking for youth group volunteer opportunities. Participants will receive formal advocacy and media training.

By taking a position on PPSPP's Teen Advocacy Board you gain the opportunity to win the Janet Karne's Scholarship (starting at $1,000), volunteer hours to apply towards your college applications, a $25 gift card and free dinner each meeting you attend, monthly outings, a chance to voice your opinion to teachers, parents, students, and more.

Build connections with others who are passionate about suicide prevention through lived experience, wanting to make a change, and becoming a voice for your peers.

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Interested in joining PPSPP's Teen Advocacy Board?

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