Ron Johnson

Adult Support Group Facilitator

Ron Johnson is a full-service Realtor. He describes his history and vision and mission for suicide prevention as follows: After moving to Colorado in the fall of 1978, I began work in retail, specializing in cameras and audio. Music and sound have always been important to me; I began playing guitar at age 12 and still enjoy playing today! Later I became the Marketing Director for a high-end audio component company for several years, demonstrating the equipment at trade shows around the world. In 1990, I studied to become a realtor and have worked in that industry for over 30 years now. We lost our son to suicide in 2016, and that changed everything. Having gained understanding in human suffering and pain, I now try to be the man our son Nate actually was. This will be my path as long as there is breath in my body. I welcome deep conversations with fellow sufferers whether they are suicidal or have lost a loved one to suicide.